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Juvenile court cases create a complicated situation for everyone involved. The courts do not want to be overly harsh on minors, prosecutors want to secure a conviction without villainizing children, and parents wait with bated breath as their child’s future is put on the line. However, at the heart of all this is the accused minor, who is undoubtedly experiencing a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions right now.

At the Law Office of Jill M Jackson, our compassionate juvenile crimes attorney in Denver provides dedicated counsel and guidance to defendants and their families during this difficult time. It’s natural to have questions when you or your child are arrested. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the juvenile court system and can help you understand more about the charges against your child and how they will impact the upcoming case.

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Can Juvenile Defendants Be Sentenced to Prison?

Even if convicted of the charges against them, most juveniles will not be sentenced to prison. If confinement is included in the penalties, most offenders will be sent to the Department of Youth Corrections rather than a state prison filled with full grown adults. There are rare instances where a juvenile is tried as an adult and sentenced to prison, but this is only when dealing with very severe crimes such as first-degree murder.

About juvenile diversion

First offenders are not usually sentenced to detention or prison
Many first offenders can avoid formal prosecution entirely through juvenile diversion
Juvenile diversion is an alternative to traditional court processes that keeps juvenile offenders out of the justice system while still holding them accountable for their actions
The offender will have to adhere to the terms of the diversion which may include counseling, community service, and other activities

Keep in mind that not all juvenile defendants are eligible for diversion. Repeat offenders or defendants charged with serious crimes could face up to two years at the Department of Youth Corrections. Additionally, if the defendant comes to court unprepared or with a clear lack of remorse for their alleged crimes, the prosecution will be less likely to offer diversion.

Will My Child Have a Criminal Record?

While there will be a record of the child’s arrest and offense, it is not treated the same as an adult’s criminal records. Juvenile records are not made public, and are only available to the defendant, their parents or guardian, their attorney, the probation department, the court, and law enforcement. While these records will still show up in background checks in certain states, it is possible to have the records expunged under the right circumstances.

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We know how serious this situation is for you and your family. Jill Jackson is a dedicated and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Denver who has represented many juvenile defendants. Our goal is to help you secure the best possible outcome, and we can provide you with knowledgeable guidance through the legal system to protect your child.

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