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Being charged with computer crimes in Colorado might entail more than you originally think. That’s because the different levels of computer crimes carry different levels of charges, ranging from a Class 2 misdemeanor all the way to a Class 3 felony. These crimes can also be charged on the state or federal level. A federal crime means the federal government will be prosecuting the case, and the charges are much more severe.

Because of the complex and technical nature of computer crimes, you need an attorney who both understands the details of these cases and can clearly explain the situation to a jury that may be unfamiliar with the technology. At the Law Office of Jill M. Jackson, our knowledge and experience can be a valuable asset to you as you plan your defense.

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Types of Computer Crimes

There are many different ways to commit crimes with a computer. In order to be charged with a computer crime, a person must knowingly and intentionally commit one of the following offenses:

Accessing a computer or computer network without authorization (hacking)
Accessing a computer or computer network with the intention of defrauding the owner
Implementing a computer virus that targets computer networks
Identity theft
Internet fraud
Damaging or otherwise altering a computer or computer network
Distributing or viewing illegal pornography
Illegal gambling
Stalking someone through the internet (cyberstalking)

At the Law Office of Jill M. Jackson, our experienced criminal defense attorney in Denver has successfully obtained dismissals, reduced charges, and more with regards to computer crimes.

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