Top Questions to Ask Your Local Denver DUI Lawyer

Drunk driving is a serious offense no matter which state you live in. And if you happen to get pulled over or are involved in a car accident while under the influence, you could be facing a steep fine, driver's license suspension, or even jail time as a worst-case scenario. 

If your breathalyzer results came back over the limit and you're in the process of securing legal representation, then you'll want to know which questions to ask your lawyer to make sure you have the right fit.


In today's court system, you're better off leaving it to a DUI attorney to get the best outcome for your case. The state of Colorado takes a tough line on DUI arrests in Denver and other cities, and they enforce harsh punishments even on first-time offenders. Colorado is the 18th strictest state when it comes to DUI penalties.

If you are suspected of driving under the influence, you must immediately contact a licensed DUI or DWI attorney to escape severe and time-sensitive penalties. The Law Office of Jill M. Jackson is here to be your trusted DUI defense legal team in Denver Colorado, guiding you through every step of this difficult journey and assisting you in exploring the best possible outcomes so you can regain control of your life. Jill Jackson is an attorney who offers extensive assistance for clients in and around the Denver area. Jill has won awards such as the American Institute of Criminal Lawyers' 10 Best Female Attorneys Award.

Our accolades and accomplishments are secondary to our primary goal: to work diligently on behalf of our clients. If you're searching for a qualified team of DUI defense lawyers in Denver, it's critical to do your research and find the best choice for your unique situation. Today we'll go over a few ways to make the right decision.

Finding a Good DUI Lawyer in Denver

The process of finding the right fit can be stressful but remember: finding a lawyer with a proven track record in the courts will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. As you get started, make sure to keep an eye out for any red flags. When you're facing DUI charges, you won't have much time, so it's important to schedule a few meetings with the best lawyers you can find.

If they are ready to take on your case, most DUI lawyers will be willing to meet with you for a brief consultation. The initial consultation is almost always free. A free consultation can be thought of as a kind of interview to see if the legal professional and his or her company can meet your needs.

Reach out to a few lawyers and arrange for visits as soon as possible. Remember that many lawyers have scheduled appointments, or one of their staff members can come to see you in their place. If this lawyer wishes to win your confidence, he or she will send someone eligible to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Preparing for Your Meeting

As I mentioned, time is of the essence early on and throughout the entire legal process. It's your responsibility to be as prepared as possible for your meeting with potential members. Our legal system is highly complicated and depends on a wide variety of data, all of which should be kept on your person whenever possible. 

Remember to carry the following items to your appointment with a Denver DUI attorney:

The police report, if you have a copy.

Paperwork such as bail papers will play a role in further proceedings.

Court documents detailing court dates and pending charges.

Any other relevant information. This might include information about the victims,

witnesses, and individuals involved in your case. 

To make the best use of your time, it's helpful to bring a list of pre-selected questions to your initial lawyer consultation.

Important Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

The resolution of your case will be significantly influenced by your understanding of your DUI attorney's expertise and context. Remember that our legal system has many different forms of law, so keep your questions focused on DUI interplays and what to expect. 

The following are a few areas to concentrate on:

Education. Where did you attend law school, and at what place in your class did you graduate? Are you certified by any DUI organizations such as the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) or similar state bar organizations?

Expertise. How long have you been practicing in DUI law? Do you specialize in other areas of criminal law?

Training. Do you have any special training related to DUI cases, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Student or field sobriety test courses?

Clients. How many clients do you represent annually? How many clients are you working with right now?

Work division. How much of your caseload is related to DUI charges?

Familiarity. How frequently do you work in my courthouse? Do you know the prosecutor? Do you often deal with the DMV?

Process. How often do your cases escalate to a DUI trial? Do you have a strong record of reaching favorable plea agreements?

Work with law enforcement. Have you ever been on a DUI ride-along with a police officer?

When It’s Your Turn to Answer the Questions

After you've learned about your prospective DUI lawyer's history, expertise, and strategy, he or she will evaluate your case more thoroughly.

For the best evaluation, it's critical to address all questions explicitly and honestly. This legal expert will work with you to build a solid argument to obtain the best possible result for any charges you are facing. Keep in mind that the questions they pose will be helpful in future trials, and they will be working hard to develop the case. 

If you need more details, requesting the contact information of previous clients to learn about their experience with this person's legal services can be very helpful. Legal Testimonials can also help establish an accurate assessment.

Now is the best time to seek guidance from an experienced DUI defense attorney on proceeding, such as whether to accept a plea bargain, go to trial, or enter a guilty plea. You can also ask about the cost of hiring a good lawyer, as most legal professionals charge a flat fee or an hourly rate for their services.

It may also be in your interest to ask about any special or hidden costs, such as the cost of bringing in an expert witness or blood sample retesting fees. Legal representation can be costly, but when compared to the long-term effects of DUI convictions, it is often well worth the money. If you are worried about the fees, you can also ask your attorney about a payment plan option.

If you are charged with a DUI felony or misdemeanor, you must partner with the right lawyer. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Denver, contact the Law Firm of Jill M. Jackson right away. Our legal team is dedicated to providing high-quality representation to Colorado DUI clients who have been charged with driving while intoxicated. For more details on how to schedule a free consultation, please contact us right away!


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