1. Distracted Driving

    Will the ‘Textalyzer’ make a difference? The Textalyzer is a new device used by law enforcement to determine if a driver is distracted by using their phone. The device can tell if someone is talking, texting, or opening an application on their phone while driving. Is the Textalyzer coming to Col…Read More

  2. Free Speech and Recording of Police in Public

    Can Colorado Police Officers Stop You from Recording? No, police officers cannot stop a person from publicly recording police actions if that person does not interfere with their investigation. You have a First Amendment right to record police officers in the line of duty. Police do not have an expe…Read More

  3. Colorado Laws on Disorderly Conduct

    Experienced Denver Disorderly Conduct Attorney Disorderly Conduct isn’t a one-size-fits all offense. A variety of factual scenarios could be involved. It can occur on private property, residential areas, or in a public place. Charges range from a class one petty offense to a class two misdemeanor.…Read More

  4. Colorado Arson Laws

    Experienced Denver Arson Attorney Arson crimes in Colorado have serious consequences including prison and jail time. Charges range from the following: First Degree Arson, class 3 felony, Second Degree Arson, class 4 felony, Third Degree Arson, class 4 felony, and Fourth Degree Arson, a class 4 felon…Read More

  5. Are Fireworks Legal in Colorado?

    Can I go to jail for using fireworks? The legality of fireworks in Colorado depends on the county or municipality. For example, Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder prohibit fireworks. Some counties allow for the purchase of fireworks but not the use. State law allows for permissible fireworks. Permiss…Read More