1. Extremely Professional And Friendly

    Ms. Jackson from the very beginning was extremely professional & friendly, she made me feel  comfortable and confident that she was the right choice for my case (shoplifting), she was clear on the cost and what it covered. She worked with me to get all the exact details of what occurred on the date of the incident, but also looked into other factors that contributed to the incident occurring …Read More

  2. Made Me Feel Like Family

    I hired Jill Jackson for a criminal defense case. Jill definitely made me feel like family and that she genuinely cared about my case. She put hard work into everything and made sure that my rights were still intact and that I was to receive the same treatment as anyone else. You can count on her day or night to be there if you have any questions. I highly recommend Jill.…Read More

  3. Fully Prepared for Anything

    Jill Jackson was all that I could've hoped for and more. I felt that I not only had an attorney by my side but also a friend who I could completely trust. She treated my case with the utmost respect and concern by putting in many hours and making sure that I was fully prepared for anything. This attorney is not only passionate, she is amazing at her job.…Read More

  4. Highly Satisfied

    I am a highly satisfied client who gives Thanks to Jill Jackson for clearing my name. She went above and beyond to fight for my innocents in a case I was being framed for, she went out of her way to prove that I did not do what I was being accused of. In my case it wasn't innocent until proven guilty it was guilty until proven innocent and that was all thanks to Jill Jackson.…Read More

  5. Especially Pleased

    I hired Jill Marie Jackson for a criminal defense case in February of 2015. I was very with the result. Case dismissed and I was especially pleased by the way I was treated.…Read More