How Long Will a Criminal Conviction be on my Record?

Will an arrest show up on a background check?

Finding employment is tough, and having a criminal record can make matters worse. Even minor offenses or arrests can hurt you when applying for a job. Criminal convictions appear on background checks as part of your permanent record. Arrests, even if the underlying case was dismissed, are also visible on your record during a background check.

Sealing a criminal conviction in Colorado depends on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) the facts of the case, offense charged, and time frame of conviction. Not all crimes are eligible. For example; you may petition the court to seal controlled substance convictions and petty offenses, but it is subject to certain limitations.

Typically, Colorado petitions to seal are civil actions filed with the District Court in the county of the criminal conviction. New legislation makes it easier to request that your conviction is sealed, but only for certain cases. Additionally, you will have to pay any remaining fines and costs associated with the case prior to sealing your conviction. The District Attorney’s Office could object to your petition to seal and sometimes the court will grant a hearing on the petition.

Contact an experienced Colorado record sealing attorney to assist you in understanding the process. Attorney Jill Jackson can evaluate your case to determine if it’s eligible to be sealed under Colorado statutes.