Distracted Driving

Will the ‘Textalyzer’ make a difference?

The Textalyzer is a new device used by law enforcement to determine if a driver is distracted by using their phone. The device can tell if someone is talking, texting, or opening an application on their phone while driving.

Is the Textalyzer coming to Colorado? 
Not yet. However, New York legislatures are considering allowing police officers to use the Textalyzer to determine if a driver was distracted during a car accident. This might create precedence for other states to follow suit, including Colorado.

Is this an Invasion of Privacy? 
The concern is the search of a driver’s phone will not be limited to searches for texting or talking. It is unclear if the device has any safeguards in place to limit such a wide search. Police officers could have access to other items on a driver’s cell phone that would normally require a warrant.