Colorado Arson Laws

Experienced Denver Arson Attorney

Arson crimes in Colorado have serious consequences including prison and jail time. Charges range from the following: First Degree Arson, class 3 felony, Second Degree Arson, class 4 felony, Third Degree Arson, class 4 felony, and Fourth Degree Arson, a class 4 felony, or a class 2 misdemeanor (if nobody was endangered and property damaged is less than $100).

First Responders 
Firefighters are often the first responders on scene. They might locate incendiary devices to determine how the fire started. Based on this initial assessment, a police investigation might begin. Firefighters first response on scene coupled with a police investigation could be used as evidence in an arson case. However, this evidence doesn’t always tell the full story and a trained arson specialist is often needed to evaluate the evidence. It is important to contact an experienced Denver arson attorney to properly evaluate your case. Attorney Jill Jackson is experienced and skilled in Arson cases.